Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tedd Arnold -- Illustrator of the Goggly Eyes!

Tedd Arnold's unique illustrations (with goggly eyes) and humorous stories make a perfect combination!  His well known series, Fly Guy, is wonderful for kids on the verge of reading.  In addition to his Fly Guy series Arnold has a many other wonderful picture books!

Parts (and sequels) -- a young boy is worried when things start to fall out of his belly button, his nose, his hair.... What is wrong with him!?!  Is he falling apart?  Kids will love this hilarious take on things that happen to our bodies!

Jumping on the Bed  -- Walter cannot resist the lure of jumping on his bed even though he knows he should not. Or course, once he starts jumping he can't stop even when the bed collapses and he falls slowly floor by floor through his apartment building accompanied by his various neighbors.

Green Wilma -- Wilma wakes up one day green and with a appetite for flies.  Her parents try to keep her home from school, but Wilma insists on attending.  During the day she manages to cause a disaster in the cafeteria, eat a fly off her teacher and inspire her classmates to paint themselves green.  A fun, whimsical book with fabulous illustrations and a surprise ending!

The Twin Princes -- When two twin princes are born and no one remembers who was born first, the king must decide which son should rule.  He plans an unorthodox horse race with the one who comes in last winning.  A funny and clever, and perhaps slightly complicated, story with many puns and riddles.

Detective Blue -- Detective Blue is on the case!  In this inventive detective story Detective Blue must find the missing Miss Muffet. As he searches for clues he interviews many different nursery rhyme characters.  A fun book for kids and parents as they try to identify the various rhymes referenced.  Having a book of the original nursery rhymes nearby while reading this book would be a great idea!

Huggly Gets Dressed -- A monster from under the bed decides to dress up in human clothes.  Kids will love the fun illustrations in this charming book. Arnold has written several additional stories about Huggly trying out new things in the human world.

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