Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Robert Munsch

Robert Munsch is one of my favorite authors.  The best way to describe his stories is -- silly.  Many times silly and absurd things happen that don't make sense which, of course,  kids love! His stories are quick, funny and make great read alouds. He uses different characters in each book, which makes each one its own special story.  In fact each story is based on a child that Munsch has met.  Munsch has written prolifically since his first book, Mud Puddle, was published in 1996.

Munsch is famous for his unique storytelling style.  He says he performs each new story about 200 times before he gets them just right and writes them down. He has a fantastic website where you can listen to him read aloud each of his books. Munsch has 54 books published and says he writes about two a year!

Here are some of my favorites:

The Paper Bag Princess -- Her kingdom destroyed, her fiance captured, and wearing only a paper bag, Princess Elizabeth must use her brain and imagination to save Prince Ronald--who does not turn out to be such a "prince" in the end and Princess Elizabeth happily leaves him behind.

Stephanie's Ponytail -- Wanting to look different from the other kids, Stephanie asks for a different type of ponytail each day.  Unfortunately, each day the other kids, and some of the teachers, all copy her look. Finally Stephanie tricks everyone and finds a look no one can copy.

Thomas' Snowsuit -- Hilarity ensues when adults go to extreme measures to get Thomas into the snowsuit he hates.

I'm So Embarrassed! -- This story hits home for anyone who as ever been embarrassed by their mom, dad, or kids.

Ribbon Rescue -- Jillian's beautiful ribbon dress comes in handy to help those in trouble.

Love you Forever -- this is Munsch's best selling book and many people love it.  However, I must write here that I have a very hard time with this book.  I think it is awkward and creepy.  I recently read the reviews of this book on Amazon, where it received 692 five star reviews and 217 one star reviews.  I read some of the one star reviews and was pleasantly surprised there were others who felt the same way as I did. I'd love to hear others thoughts on this book.

Check out Robert Munsch's fabulous website: http://robertmunsch.com/

Do you have a favorite Robert Munsch book?


  1. we love the Paper Bag Princess :-)

  2. I'm totally with you on "I love you forever". What's up with crawling into her son's window and cradling him like a baby? Where is his wife? What if she fell and broke her hip?? Just saying...