Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Non-Fiction Monday -- Ed Emberley's Big Green Drawing Book

Ed Emberley's Big Green Drawing Book by Ed Emberley

Ever have one of those books that you see and it brings you back to your childhood? This is one of those books for me.  Ed Emberly has written several drawing books along this same vein -- The Big Orange Drawing Book, The Big Red Drawing Book, The Big Book of Faces--but this will always be my favorite.

Inside the book he takes an object, such as a cat, and breaks in down, shape by shape. Underneath each new step he draws the shapes that were added during that step.  He starts off with drawing easy animals and ends with a complicated dragon. If you can draw a circle, square, triangle, squiggly line and the letters W, V, and U you can draw the images in this book! This book is a great introduction to drawing for kids-- making it fun and easy.  We recently checked this out from the library and S (8) and C (6) spent the entire afternoon drawing together!

Find in the 700's -- The Arts-- Non-Fiction section of your library.

Ed Emberley also has a great website http://www.edemberley.com/ where you can check out his other books and see some easy example of things to draw.

Ed Emberley's Big Green Drawing Book. Ed Emberley. Little Brown, 1979.

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  1. My kids are suddenly crazy for Ed Emberley books, which is wonderful because I loved them so much as a kid. Turns out I still love them.