Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Poetry of Jack Prelutsky

Jack Prelutsky is one of my families favorite poets.  Humorous and irreverent Prelusky's poems appeal to kids of all ages.

His poems can be laugh out loud funny and spooky too. Some are realistic, some fantasy and some the pure nonsense that kids love.  These collections are best shared read aloud and enjoyed together.

Prelutsky was selected the first Children's Poet Laurete in 2006 and has published numerous poetry collections. Prelutsky, who is also a musician and singer, brought his anthology A Pizza the Size of the Sun to life with joyful renditions of the poems in the audio edition of this book.  The Dragons are Singing Tonight is a wonderful collection of poems dedicated to dragons. The poems are funny, sad, haunting, and silly. Beautiful watercolor illustrations accompany each poem.

Here's a poem to memorize from I've Lost my Hippopatamus: "A centipede was thirsty, But to satisfy its need, It drank too much for it to hold --, And so the centipede."

In Behold the Bold Umbrellaphant Prelutsky combines an animal and an object and creates something totally new. Whimsical and inventive kids will love the ideas presented in this collection and will enjoy coming up with new ideas on their own. An elephant and an umbrella -- an Umbrellaphant!

For more information on Prelutsky and to view his numerous poetry collections check out his website at:

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