Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Denise Fleming

Denise Fleming is a well known children's author of over twenty-five children's books.  One aspect of Flemings books that makes her so unique are her beautiful, bold, color-filled illustrations.  Each illustration is made with homemade paper and hand cut stencils in a technique called pulp painting.  On Flemings website she gives a detailed description of the time consuming, but rewarding process behind these images. (I sense an art project on the horizon!) http://www.denisefleming.com/

Here are a few of my families favorite Denise Fleming books:

Buster -- A lovely tale of the growth of a friendship between a cat and a dog.  Buster feels left out when his owner "Brown Shoes" bring home a pet kitten, Betty.  Buster wants nothing to do with her, but after a scary experience realizes that it's nice to have a friend at home.

Lunch -- a mouse eats each tantalizing bite of his lunch leaving us clues as to what he is going to eat next.  A great book for the very young.

Count -- a bright colorful counting book my kids have always loved.

In the Tall Tall Grass -- a cheerful, rhyming story of what a child finds hidden in the tall grass.  A great read aloud.

In the Small Small Pond -- similar to In the Tall Tall Grass, this story explores what can be seen around a small pond. A wonderful read aloud and winner of the Caldecott Honor award.

Check out Fleming's webpage to see a full list of her books and check out all of the ideas and activities that tie in with her books.  www.denisefleming.com

Do you have a favorite Denise Fleming book?

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