Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ordinary Boy -- by William Boniface

We just finished reading the first book in the Ordinary Boy series -- The Hero Revealed.  Our eight year old and four year old boys loved it! Ordinary Boy, or O Boy, is the only "ordinary" boy in town full of superheros.  However, this is not as bad as it may seem. Each person in the town has some sort of superpower --some more beneficial than others.  For example, Melon Head's superpower is that he is shaped like a melon and spits watermelon seeds.  The Spore is able to produce mold at a moments notice.  O Boy's friends, Plasma Girl, Tadpole, Halogen Boy, and Stench, are on a quest to find a missing card in a series of superhero trading cards.  As they search for the card they find more than they expected and soon have a close encounter with Professor Brain Drain -- who is as scary as his name implies.

My kids loved the ridiculous superpowers that many of the superheros had, the humor, the action, the adventure, and the surprise ending.  A great read aloud that the whole family will enjoy! This is the first book in a series that we can not wait to continue.

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