Monday, April 4, 2011

Non-Fiction Monday -- The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence By Elaine Landau
"How many hot dogs do Americans eat to celebrate the Declaration of Independence? 150 million." 

Sometimes things work out so well you wished you planned them!  That was the case this weekend.  For a biography project at school S is studying John Hancock.  Of course, I rushed out to the library and checked out as many John Hancock books as I could find.  I also checked out this book on the Declaration of Independence for S to have some additional background information on the time period.

Saturday night rolls around and we are trying to decide on a family movie.  I happen to come across National Treasure--notice that it's rated PG and remember that I thought it was pretty good.  S LOVED it and was so excited to read this non-fiction book about the Declaration when we finished the movie.  A great way to tie fact and fiction together and to discuss the difference between the two.

Elaine Landau has written many non-fiction books as part of the "True Book" series as well as many others.  The "True Book" series is geared to a third or fourth grade read alone level, but can be enjoyed by children much younger when read aloud. The pages are filled with large print text, bright colorful photos and interesting captions that will keep the attention of readers or listeners. Introducing your kids to non-fiction at an early age is great way to ensure a life long learner!

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