Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Comment on Commenting

As I hope this to be an interactive blog; a brief comment on commenting.  Click on the  "0 Comments" button at the bottom of a post. Next to "Comment as" there is a pull down menu.  Use the pull down menu to select either "Name/URL" or "Anonymous" When the next menu comes up type in your name, (don't worry about the URL part) and press continue. You can then type your comment and post.  I will then receive an e-mail letting me know there is a new post. Once read it will be posted on the blog.



  1. Hi Tara!! :-) I saw your blog link posted on the Seymour Library facebook page and came over to check it out! Very cool! I've added you to my google reader. Have fun with this! I've had a book blog for several years now and really enjoy it. Take care!

  2. Holly--I'd love to read your blog. Would you share the link??