Thursday, January 20, 2011

Everything I learned about being Jewish I learned from All of a Kind Family

The All of a Kind Family series has been one of my favorites since I first read it as a child.  This large loving family of five girls, ranging in age from four to twelve, lives in the lower East side of New York during the early 1900's. The first book in the series follows the family through the year and gives detailed descriptions of all the Jewish holidays celebrated. The stories are happy and fun-loving. Topics range from what to do about a lost library book, to what to buy Papa for his birthday, to the birth of a new baby (a BOY!).  The family oriented stories easily relate to a reader of today while providing insight into growing up at the turn of the century in New York. The five books in the series follow the family through many adventures and changes in their lives.

Right now we are reading this aloud to S, age 8, and C, age 6.  Both look forward to a new chapter each night.

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